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    Tomoyoshi Nishiyama


    He opened the 1st "Gyukaku" in Sangenjaya, Tokyo 1996. He created the concept as "inexpensive, delicious and fashionable Yakiniku" unlike other Yakiniku restaurants at that time. He made 'Gyukaku' "loved by everyone by improving quality and service with the revolutionary idea of paying 300 JPY to any clients who had a complaint. The next year, he started the franchise, and opened 100 restaurants in only 3 years. His company: Reins International Co.Ltd.was listed on the stock market in 2000. After that, he bought up Red Lobster Japan Co. Ltd., and developed business categories to represent Japan such as Shabu Shabu "Onyasai" and Izakaya "Doma Doma". In addition, he brought his concepts to other parts of the world. He advanced into the US in 2001 and into Taiwan in 2002. He built up the chain to 1000 restaurants in 7 years and set into motion the world's fastest restaurant development program. After that, he participated in retail businesses. He bought the convenience store "am/pm Japan", and the high-end supermarket "Seijyo Ishii Co.Ltd." in 2004. He then set up REX Holdings Co. Ltd. and engaged in the management of the whole group as CEO. He established a total of 2,300 restaurants in the group and had total sales of 3,500 million JPY when he was only 39 years old. After that, due to an MBO, he unlisted the company in 2007, and he was appointed as chairman of Rex Holdings Co. Ltd. and as a CEO of the main business company, Reins International CO.Ltd. He specialized in reforming the food restaurant business. He transfered REX Holdings Co. Ltd. and set up Dining Innovation Ltd. in 2012, and spread his concept globally with the mission of "Japanese food culture to the world"

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