Group Tradition

Sep. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Chao Yang Joy City (FC) opened 2021    
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Metropolis plaza (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Shun Tak Centre (FC) opened      
Aug. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Nagoya Kamimaezu (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Gala Place (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Kinshichou-minamiguchi (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Kizugawa(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Nambana-nansandouri (FC) opened      
Jul. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Nagoya-shinkansenguchi (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Ebisu opened      
  【STORE】“DooWop” daikanyama opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Shibuya Dogenzaka (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” 台中勤美 Park Lane by CMP opened      
Jun. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Metroplaza (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“SUMIRE” Hon-Atsugi (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” The Clementi Mall (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” VivoCity (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Nakano-sanmoru (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Namba-midousuji (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” kinshicho-kitaguchi (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Seibu-fukui(FC) opened      
May. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Akihabara-chuo-dori(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Kota Kasablanka(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Pondok Indah Mall 3(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Fuji(FC) opened      
Apr. 【STORE】“VANSAN” Aomori Hachinohe(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Hyogo Sanda(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Yokkaichi chuo ryokuchi(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Kawagoe-CREAMALL(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Sapporo-Tanukikoji(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Hachioji(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Himeji chuo(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Asaka(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Yokohama-Kannai(FC) opened      
Mar. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Tsudanuma(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Gyotoku(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Ofuna(FC) opened      
Feb. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Abenobashi(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Juso(FC) opened      
Jan. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” NEW TOWN PLAZA(FC) opened      
Dec. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Takadanobaba(FC) opened 2020 Jan. DI group expand market penetration to Asian Market aggressively.
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Hikarigaoka IMA(FC) opened      
  【STORE】 “SUSHI Aoi” Seijo opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” AEON MALL ageo opened      
Nov. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Omiya-higashiguchi(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Kitasenju(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Blue Star Burger” Nakameguro opened      
Oct. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Amagasaki(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Kichijoji-minamiguchi(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Kawaramachitakoyakushi(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“SUMIRE” Nagano-ekimae (FC) opened      
Sep. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Koenji(FC) opened      
Jul. 【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” HONHUI PLAZA(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“SUMIRE” Kashiwa-Nishiguchi (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“VANSAN” Minamiurawa (FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Sakai Higashi(FC) opened      
  【STORE】“Yakiniku LIKE” Moriya SA (In-bound line)(FC) opened      
Jun. 【STORE】 Group total 290 restaurants
  【STORE】 Group total 289 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Tenjin Nishi-dori(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 288 restaurants
“VANSAN” Fukuoka Kashii (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 287 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Kintetsu Tsuruhashi-eki(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 286 restaurants
“SUMIRE” Tachikawa-minamiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 286 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Iidabashi(FC) opened
May. 【STORE】 Group total 286 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Kawasaki(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 285 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Khalandale Mall (FC)opened
  【STORE】 Group total 283 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Tachikawa-Minamiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 282 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Tamachi-Shibaura(FC) opened
Apr. 【STORE】 Group total 281 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Big City opened
  【STORE】 Group total 281 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Ochanomizu(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 280 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Shinjuku-Minamiguchi(FC) opened
Mar. 【STORE】 Group total 281 restaurants
“VANSAN” Kanamachi (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 280 restaurants
“VANSAN” Ikegami (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 279 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Osaka Fukushima-ekimae(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 277 restaurants
“SUMIRE” Fuji(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 276 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Jimbocho(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 278 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Tenma-Kantelemae(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 275 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Sun Station Terrace Okayama(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 274 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Nigata-ekimae(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 273 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Maebashi-amagawa(FC) opened
Feb. 【STORE】 Group total 272 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Omiya-nishiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 271 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Hachioji-Narahara(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 270 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”PLQ Mall opened
Jan. 【STORE】 Group total 269 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Funabashi LaLaport-Mae(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 268 restaurants
“Tsurutontan”Boston opened
  【STORE】 Group total 267 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”DP Mall Semarang(FC) opened
Dec. 【STORE】 Group total 266 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Master Building (JV)opened
2019 Mar. First restaurant collaborated with “KORAKUEN HD” has opened at Matsudo.
  【STORE】 Group total 264 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Lippo Mall Puri(FC) opened
    Dining Innovation Group has achieved 200 stores in Japan and overseas in 6 years since its establishment!
  【STORE】 Group total 263 restaurants
“VANSAN” Shinurayasu opened
  Feb. Tomoyoshi Nishiyama, representative director and chairman of DINING INNOVATION Ltd, won “Most Valuable Restaurateur Award in Japan 2018.”
  【STORE】 Group total 262 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Paragon Mall (FC)opened
  【STORE】 Group total 260 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Hiratsuka-shinomiya(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 259 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Tunjungan Plaza (FC)opened
  【STORE】 Group total 257 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Mizonokuchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 256 restaurants
“SUMIRE” Omiya-higashiguchi opened
  【STORE】 Group total 255 restaurants
“VANSAN” Makuhari opened
  【STORE】 Group total 254 restaurants
“SUSHI Aoi” Aobadai opened
  【STORE】 Group total 253 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Tachikawa-tori(FC) opened
Nov. 【STORE】 Group total 253 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Moll of Indonesia opened
  【STORE】 Group total 252 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Kumamoto-Shimotori(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 251 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Higashikurume(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 250 restaurants
“SUMIRE” Blue Bay (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 249 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Sagamihara-Wakamatsu(FC) opened
Oct. 【STORE】 Group total 250 restaurants
“VANSAN” Imafuku-Tsurumi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 249 restaurants
“VANSAN” Shakujiikoen(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 248 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Honatsugi opened
  【STORE】Group total 247 restaurants
“JINENJO AN” Kunitachi opened
  【STORE】 Group total 246 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Shizuoka Gofuku-cho(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 245 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Meieki-nishiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 244 restaurants
”Yakiniku LIKE” Taiwan Global Mall (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 243 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Machida-kitaguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 242 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Meguro-higashiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 241 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Shizuoka-chiyoda(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 241 restaurants
“VANSAN” Futagotamagawa-Rise(FC) opened
Sep. 【STORE】Group total 240 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu Letus” Kobe-Sannomiya(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 239 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Kobe-Sannomiya(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 238 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Temmabashi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 237 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Yokohama-Eda(FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 236 restaurants
“JINENJO AN” Ichigao opened
  【STORE】Group total 235 restaurants
“JINENJO AN” Oizumigakuen(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 234 restaurants
“VANSAN” Futagotamagawa-Rise(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 233 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Ikebukuro-Higashiguchi(FC) opened
Aug. 【STORE】 Group total 232 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Chitosefunabashi opened
  【STORE】 Group total 231 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Hatagaya(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 230 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Yutenji(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 229 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Ebinasagamino(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 228 restaurants
“VANSAN” Kajigaya opened
  【STORE】 Group total 227 restaurants
“VANSAN” Tsudanuma opened
Jul. 【STORE】 Group total 226 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Akitsu opened
  【STORE】 Group total 225 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Chofuekimae opened
  【STORE】 Group total 224 restaurants
“VANSAN” Kawaguchi opened
  【STORE】Group total 223 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu Letus” Shibuya Center-gai(FC) opened
Jun. 【STORE】 Group total 222 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Hiroshima Chuo-dori (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 221 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Akasakamituske opened
  【STORE】 Group total 220 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Glorietta (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 218 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Susono (FC) opened
May. 【STORE】Group total 218 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Grand Indonesia(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 217 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 217 restaurants
“VANSAN” Heiwadai(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 216 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Trans Mall Bali (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 214 restaurants
“VANSAN” Chofu(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 213 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Ueno opened
Apr. 【STORE】 Group total 216 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Tottori (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 215 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Grand-Indonesia opened
  【STORE】 Group total 214 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Akihabara-denkigai(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 213 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Grand Batam Mall (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 211 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Taipei Qsquare opened
  【STORE】 Group total 210 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Gotanda-nishiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 209 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Shinjuku Ogado (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 208 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Surabaya Galaxy Mall(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 207 restaurants
“VANSAN” Kameido(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 206 restaurants
“VANSAN” Ibaraki(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 205 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Aeon Mall Phnom Penh (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 204 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Trans Studio Mall Cibubur (FC) opened
Mar. 【STORE】 Group total 203 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Matsudo minamihanashima(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 201 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Meiekiminami (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 200 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” Tsuruyacho opened
  【STORE】 Group total 199 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Nagaoka ekimae (FC) opened
Feb. 【STORE】 Group total 198 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Kyobashi (Osaka) opened
Jan. 【STORE】 Group total 197 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Sumarecon Mall Serpong (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 195 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Shibuya Udagawa-cho opened
  【STORE】 Group total 195 restaurants
“SHABUSATO” Breeze Nan Shan opened
  【STORE】 Group total 194 restaurants
“VANSAN” Sagamiono opened
Dec. 【STORE】 Group total 195 restaurants
“SHABUSATO & KINTAN Buffet” Taipei ATT opened
2018 Dec. Signed a franchise agreement with KORAKUEN HD and launched a joint development project to create a model case of expanding our business to the suburbs.
  【STORE】 Group total 193 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Hiyoshi opened
  【STORE】 Group total 192 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Trans Studio Makassar (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 190 restaurants
“VANSAN”Kitaurawa opened
  【STORE】 Group total 189 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Okayama-Ekimae (FC) opened
Nov. 【STORE】Group total 188 restaurants
“JINENJO AN” Seijo opened
  【STORE】 Group total 183 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE”Shinjuku opened
  【STORE】 Group total 187 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Kashiwa-Higashiguchi(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 186 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Hamamatsu-Sasagase (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 185 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu Letus” Susukino(FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 184 restaurants
  【STORE】 Group total 182 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Bekasi opened
Oct. 【STORE】 Group total 180 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Kanayama kitaguchi (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 179 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Medan (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 177 restaurants
“VANSAN”Oizumigakuen opened
  【STORE】 Group total 176 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Higashinakano opened
  【STORE】 Group total 190 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Kusanagi (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 190 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu Letus” Musashikosugi opened
  【STORE】Group total 189 restaurants
“JINENJO AN” Musashikosugi opened
Sep. “Solo” Yakiniku restaurant is now open near station!
Big challenge of Mr. Nishiyama, founder of popular Yakiniku restaurant Gyu-kaku.-Articles on Nikkei MJ-
Aug. 【STORE】 Group total 188 restaurants
“Yakiniku LIKE” opened
  【STORE】 Group total 187 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Margo City (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 185 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Ayase (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 184 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Motoyawata (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 183 restaurants
“VANSAN”Kasai (FC) opened
Jul. 【STORE】 Group total 182 restaurants
“VANSAN” Takatsuki (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 181 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Mikage (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 180 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Shimada (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 179 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Izumo (FC) opened
Jun. 【STORE】 Group total 179 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Nishikasai (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 177 restaurants
“Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie” Royal Hawaiian (Honolulu) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 176 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu Letus” Sapporo Ekimae(FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 175 restaurants
“Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie” Midtown (New York) opened
May. 【STORE】 Group total 174 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet” Sen Sok City (JV) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 172 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet”Lotte Avenue (Ciputra World)(FC) opened
  DINING INNOVATION is featuring in Nikkei MJ’s
“2017 restaurant business ranking”
  【STORE】 Group total 170 restaurants
“VANSAN” Mizonokuchi (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 169 restaurants
“BISTRO toricoya” opened
  【STORE】 Group total 168 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Musashisakai opened
  【STORE】 Group total 168 restaurants
“SUMIRE” Zhangchun caizhijie (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 167 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Kota Kasablanka (FC) opened
Apr. 【STORE】 Group total 166 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Gotemba (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 165 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet“Lippo Kemang (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 163 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Akihabara (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 162 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi”Suitengumae (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 161 restaurants
“Vansan”Inage (FC) opened
Mar. 【STORE】 Group total 160 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Jiyugaoka opened
  【STORE】Group total 159 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Taman Anggrek (FC) opened
Feb. 【STORE】 Group total 161 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Mishima (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 159 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Living World (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 158 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet“Baywalk (FC) opened
Jan. 【STORE】Group total 156 restaurants
“THE KINTAN”opened
Dec. 【STORE】Group total 155 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet“Karawaci (FC) opened
2017 Sep. DINING INNOVATION Ltd.’s new office building completed in Ebisu, Tokyo, moving Tokyo headquarters to its new premises.
  【STORE】Group total 153 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet“Bandung (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 151 restaurants
“Shaburi”Bella Terra 店 (FC) opened
Nov. 【STORE】 Group total 151 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Komazawa-daigaku (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 150 restaurants
”VANSAN” Ebina opened
  【STORE】 Group total 149 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Shinagawa opened
Oct. 【STORE】 Group total 148 restaurants
“KINTAN” Oxford Circus opened
  【STORE】 Group total 147 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Shizuoka Gofuku-cho (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 147 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi” Sasazuka(FC) opened
Sep. 【STORE】 Group total 146 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu KINTAN” Omotesando opened
  【STORE】 Group total 145 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu Letus” Nakameguro opened
  【STORE】 Group total 144 restaurants
”VANSAN” Nishikasai(FC)opened
  【STORE】Group total 143 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet“Bintaro Xchange (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 141 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Ambarrukmo Plaza (FC)opened
Aug. 【STORE】 Group total 140 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Kawasaki (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 139 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet”Central Park (FC)opened
  【STORE】 Group total 138 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Yaizu (FC) opened
Jul. 【STORE】 Group total 137 restaurants
“SUMIRE”Yokohama Nishiguchi opened
100 restaurants in Japan milestone
  Shaburi ranks 6th on “Top 10 Most Loved Restaurants in Metro Manila” by the famous Philippino website “Booky”      
Jun. 【STORE】 Group total 136 restaurants
”VANSAN” Yoga(FC)opened
May. 【STORE】 Group total 135 restaurants
“Sumire” Kakegawa(FC)opened
  【STORE】Group total 134 restaurants
“Shaburi”CityWalk Sudirman 店 (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 133 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet”Mall Kelapa Gading (FC)opened
  【STORE】Group total 132 restaurants
“Shaburi Express” Terminal 3 (FC) opened
Apr. 【STORE】Group total 134 restaurants
“Shaburi”Ambarrukmo Plaza (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 133 restaurants
“SHABUSATO” E-DA Outlet Mall(JV)opened
  【STORE】Group total 132 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Senayan City (FC) opened
Mar. 【STORE】Group total 131 restaurants
  【STORE】Group total 130 restaurants
“ KINTAN ” Kagurazaka opened
  【STORE】 Group total 129 restaurants
  【STORE】Group total 128 restaurants
“SHABUSATO” Kaohsiung Tongmeng Flagship (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 127 restaurants
“Sumire”Meieki 3-chome(FC)opened
  【STORE】 Group total 126 restaurants
  【STORE】 Group total 125 restaurants
  【STORE】 Group total 124 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi” Ochanomizu (FC) opened
Feb. 【STORE】Group total 123 restaurants
“Shaburi“&“Kintan Buffet“Pakuwon Mall (FC) opened
  【Job Offer】Executive chef candidate at ”TsuruTonTan” Udon Noodle Brasserie in NY      
Jan. 【STORE】 Group total 124 restaurants
“SHABUSATO”Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tainan Place (JV) opened
Dec. 【STORE】 Group total 123 restaurants
“Shaburi Cambodia AEON Mall” (JV) opened
2016 May. LICHEN DI TAIWAN CO., LIMITED established
  【STORE】 Group total 122 restaurants
“Sumire” Hamakaido Marugame (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 121 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi” Tenjin opened
  【STORE】 Group total 121 restaurants
“Sumire” Yonago-Ekimae (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 120 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi” Sangenjaya (FC) opened
Nov. TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle Brasserie was introduced in
New York Times as “Critics’s Pick”.
  【STORE】 Group total 120 restaurants
“Sumire” Hibarigaoka (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 119 restaurants
“Sumire” Toyama ekimae (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 118 restaurants
“SHABUSATO” Hsinchu City opened
Oct. 【STORE】Group total 117 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi” Iidabashi opened
  【STORE】Group total 117 restaurants
“Shabu Shabu KINTAN” Daikanyama Honten opened
  【STORE】Group total 116 restaurants
“Sumire” Hiroshima Otemachi (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 115 restaurants
“Sumire” Shinjuku Nishiguchi (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 114 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet“ Puri Indah (FC) opened
  【STORE】 Group total 113 restaurants
“Sumire” Matsuyama-Nibancho (FC) opened
Sep. 1st restaurant in Philippines
【STORE】Group total 112 restaurants
“Shaburi” Manila Uptown Place Mall (FC) opened
  【STORE】Group total 111 restaurants
“Kintan Buffet” Gandaria City opened
  【STORE】Group total 110 restaurants
“BUTCHERS Yaohachi” Akasaka opened
  【STORE】Group total 109 restaurants
“Shaburi“ NEO SOHO(FC) opened
Aug. TsuruTonTan UDON overseas division 1st restaurant      
Feb. 1st restaurant in Cambodia (Yakiniku “KINTAN Buffet“)      
Aug. Dining Innovation is counting now more than 100 restaurants since its creation 2 years and a half ago 2015 Jul. DINING INNOVATION USA INC established
May. Acquisition of the Italian restaurant “VANSAN”     DINING INNOVATION NewYork INC established
Jan. Grand opening of Yakiniku “KINTAN”in Ebisu      
Oct. Grand opening of the Italian bar “BIODYNAMIE” in Shinjuku 2014 Apr. DINING INNOVATION KOREA LTD established
Sep. 1st restaurant in Korea (Shabu shabu “Letus”)      
  Grand opening of Shabu shabu “Letus” (Korea)      
Jul. 1st restaurant in England (Yakiniku “KINTAN”)      
May. 1st restaurants in Indonesia (Shabu shabu “Shaburi” & Yakiniku “KINTAN”)      
  Grand opening of Shabu shabu “Shaburi” (Jakarta, Indonesia)      
Oct. 1st restaurant in Shanghai (Ramen Daifukuya) 2013 Dec. INOVASI KULINER INDONESIA .PT established
Sep. 1st restaurant in Singapore (Yakitorike Sumire)   Jun. SOBA DINING LTD. established
May. 1st restaurant in Hong Kong (Yakiniku “KINTAN”)   Apr. N FACTORY LTD. established
        DINING INNOVATION UK LTD established
      Mar. SMILE LTD. established
        CARNEVALE LTD. established
      Feb. 上海安凡餐饮企业管理 有限公司(CHINA) established.
        Share Acquisition of Team86 LTD.
        DINING INNOVATION LTD. established