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We, at Dining Innovation Group will create a new type of enterprise by adding "unprecedented value" and " innovative experience" to Japanese soul food like Yakiniku, Yakitori, Ramen, udon noodle、soba noodle,and expand them quickly in both Japan and the rest of the world.
In Japan, we shall continue to evolve Japanese dining-out culture to a higher dimension. Internationally, we shall appropriately introduce the virtue of Japan and its culture.
Through this, we can enhance people's lives all over the world through Japanese food culture. That's the Dining Innovation mission.


Japanese food culture to the world

Restaurant industry is not easy.
It is not as efficient as other industries and can be easily affected by the economy. Product management and customer service can also be quite difficult.
The only reason that I have remained in this industry for over 20 years, after opened up my “Gyukaku”, is that I just would like to please our customers.
Looking at happy customers in a restaurant that I have produced―nothing can make me happier.
I established Dining Innovation because I had a desire to expand our restaurant business in overseas.
Japanese food culture has an outstanding reputation for quality around the world.
Not only tastes, of course, but also the attitude of trying to adopt any genre of food, chefs’ sophisticated skills, the artistic use of color including dishes/plates and hospitality – We strongly believe that all of these factors are Japanese wealth that we are proud of and have great values to introduce to the world.
This is why we would like to invite people from all over the world to our Dinning Innovation’s restaurants and enjoy our food.
We would like to surprise and make them satisfied by providing services and foods that exceed customer’s expectations.
I will devote rest of my life for expanding our restaurant business in overseas.
Nothing could be more delighted if people all over the world love Japanese food culture and it makes Japanese food culture become a leading part of our national export.
We will support and cooperate with restaurant business owners as an incubator in Japan.
Furthermore, we would like to educate restaurant business owners by supporting their independence in the best condition such as their business expansion and IPO.
Restaurant owners, restaurant staff, and specialists, if you sympathize with my thoughts, please join us.
Franchise partner, staff, etc…any contract types are welcomed.
Let’s spread Japanese food culture throughout the world.
And please join us to make “the happiest restaurant industry in the world”
Tomoyoshi Nishiyama

Tomoyoshi Nishiyama

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    Tomoyoshi Nishiyama


    Hidetake Matsumiya


    JPY 100,000,000

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    Investment on restaurant business, management consulting and business condition development


    Ebisuminami1-11-2 Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,Japan


  • DINING INNOVATION Ltd - Ebisu new office building (Sept 25,2017-)


    Ebisuminami1-11-2 Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,Japan